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Main Zone is a professional company established into a significant force in the HVAC industry, specialises in Indoor Air Quality System, Cooling System and Ventilation division, covering both in the commercial and industrial sectors. The company is known for its innovation and excellence within the industry and every aspect of the products and service delivery process.
Our mission is to be the premier HVAC /ACMV Service provider in our market by providing 100% customer satisfaction through our Quality Work and prompt Professional Service and also providing a great place to work.
We want to be known as the most respected, professional quality based HVAC/ACMV company in the region. To provide More Cleaner, Healthier and Fresher Air to the public. We will be the best trained knowledgeable and proficient team. Safety comes first in our work environment. We will set the landmark for quality work with a 0% defect standard.

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Amazing HVAC Specialty
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HVAC System Introduction

  1. Typical Customer Indoor environment Requirement
  2. 5 Loop of HVAC system
  3. Factor that Affect HVAC System
  4. IAQ Methodology

OT Maintenance

  1. Why, When, Where, What in OT Maintenance
  2. Performing Annual OT Maintenance
  3. Heat Recovery Wheel Maintenance

AHU & FCU Servicing

  1. Steam Cleaning
  2. De-Scaling Coil Inner Tube
  3. Air Duct Cleaning
  4. Decontamination
  5. Kitchen Hood/ Duct Cleaning


  1. Types of Airborne Contaminants
  2. Sources of Contamination
  3. The Need Of Clean Air

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